Cosco Hawaii and Nu-Calgon are teaming up for a little "Malama Ka 'Aina" - and you're invited to help!

  • MYTH #1: Using Environmentally Friendly products is much more expensive and therefore out of our budget.
  • MYTH #2: My small impact won't make a difference in such a global problem.
  • MYTH #3: Buying "Green" products is just a way for companies to mark up their goods and earn more profit.
  • MYTH #4: The performance of Environmentally Friendly products is sub-standard to that of really strong chemicals.

"Going Green" seems to be the latest "trend" these days. In spite of the best advertising efforts from the largest of companies, there are many misconceptions that dissuade consumers from making Environmentally-Friendly shopping decisions. Cosco Air Conditioning & Refrigeration is a small, family-owned, local company whose employees live and work in our beautiful land of Hawaii. We believe in being good stewards of our land and water and so we sell environmentally-friendly air conditioning and refrigeration cleaners.



Clean the condenser unit with an environmentally friendly coil cleaner. This non-foaming, not-toxic cleaner is outstanding for removing dirt and grime which hinders heat transfer. By cleaning the fins with Cal-Green you restore the unit's efficiency while being environmentally responsible. This biodegradable product is free and clear of dyes, fragrances, and masking agents.

Enhanced with naturally derived organic builders, Cal-Green offers buffered alkalinity and detergency boost to provide the highest cleaning action to condenser coils. Cal-Green is manufactured with an award winning innovative technology, which consists of a 100% waste-free eco-friendly process. To ensure that human and animal well-being is held at the utmost importance, Cal-Green has been extensively tested and shown to pose no potential health concerns. Contained in the recyclable container of Cal-Green, is a high performance "green" condenser coil cleaner that is safe for users and the environment.

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Evap-Green's outstanding cleaning ability will quickly remove the dust, dirt and debris that is typically found on evaporator coils. During the cleaning process, dirt, oils and greases are emulsified and are quickly removed from the coil restoring the unit’s efficiency.

Evap-Green is a biodegradable product and does not contain dyes, fragrances, or masking agents. The cleaning agents are derived from naturally organic builders which supplies a controlled and buffered pH and alkalinity during the cleaning process. This product contains is produced by a 100% waste-free and environmentally friendly manufacturing process. Furthermore, this eco-friendly product does not contain any Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs, which induce poor indoor air quality.

Evap-Green is scientifically proven to be safe for use around humans and animals. Nu-Calgon's commitment to the environment and product excellence is portrayed through Evap-Green: safe and effective eco-friendly cleaning action in a recyclable container. By using Evap-Green, a natural ingredient cleaner, the coil is being cleaned with the most environmentally friendly product available on the market.

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When you see the Green Select logo it means the product has been tested and verified that it contains no potential human health and environmental effects. The product contains only those ingredients deemed environmentally friendly and people friendly. Products that have earned the right to display the Green Select logo have gone through extensive research and were created with safety in mind to exceed the strict criteria place upon Green Select products for health and environmental concerns. In addition to being "green" the product is checked and tested to ensure the product performance meets or exceeds traditional products.

Cal-Green and Evap-Green are part of the EPA's Design for the Environment program which recognizes products that are safer for the environment.

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