Cosco Hawaii now carries Flex Duct and accessories for the Professional Hydroponic Grower!

Cosco is your LOCAL shopping destination for JP Lamborn Co.'s Hydro Flex Premium Reinforced, non-Insullated, Flex Duct, Flex Duct Hangers, and Plastic Duct Ties.

Premium Reinforced Flex Duct

This non-insulated Flex Duct is constructed with a spring steel wire helix encapsulated in a tri-laminate consisting of metalized polyester, reinforced scrim and polyester. This Flex Duct is air tight, easy to install, and resists tearing and punctures. The black inner core does not reflect light. Each package includes 4 Heavy Duty plastic duct ties. Made in the USA.

Insulated Flex Duct

This Flex Duct is constructed with a spring steel wire helix, encapsulated in a 2-ply polyester air-tight inner core. R4.2 fiberglass insulation encompasses the core and a unique metalized, reinforced vapor barrier surrounds the entire duct. The black inner core does not reflect light. Made in the USA.

Flex Duct Hanger

This flexible Support Webbing is used to hang HVAC duct. The lightweight design makes installation easy and is an inexpensive alternative to metal straps.

Plastic Duct Ties

These Heavy Duty Cable Ties have a rated tensile strength of 175 lbs. They are made of 100% natural nylon and feature a bent tip design for ease of insertion. Both the 36" times (accomodates duct sizes up to 10") and the 48" ties (accomodates duct sizes up to 14") are offered in a natural color.

Aluminum Foil Tape

The Aluminum Foil Tape is used for sealing and joining of Flex Duct or for temporary metal repairs.

Acrylic Duct Tape

This Flexible Film Duct Tape is used for connecting, joining, felxible film sealing and patching Flex Duct.